TAN Nato Strap
TAN Nato Strap
TAN Nato Strap

TAN Nato Strap

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  • 20mm and 22mm wide straps
  • Fits wrists size: 16cm - 25cm 
  • Heat sealed holes
  • Super strong, but soft seatbelt nylon
  • 316L brushed steel hardware
  • One-piece solid buckle pin


UK: 3-4 days
Europe: 6-8 days
US: 10-14 days
Rest of the world: 10-15 days


The "NATO Strap" was developed by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) in 1973. The requirement was to create a watch strap that would be resistant to water (the strap at the time was leather) and would work with the current issue chronograph that had fixed strap bars. 

The MOD created the nylon strap, 20mm wide and with an extra flap on the underside of the strap to secure the watch in place.

The Bark & Jack NATO strap uses super flexible nylon, called "seatbelt" nylon, for the obvious reason - it's the same soft, but super strong nylon used for seatbelts in cars! Our straps really do feel awesome, and the hardware is rock solid. There's something really satisfying about a solid single piece buckle pin. The great thing about NATO straps is they are easy to change and cheap, so you change them as often as your underwear - students, that means daily!


20mm or 22mm:
To find out which size you need, just measure the gap between the lugs on your watch, where the strap attached to the case.