What's a "watch sock"?

Hi All,

I thought I'd explain the Watch Sock. 

When thinking about how to package the straps we didn't want to create waste or have packing that added unnecessary cost to the product. Packaging that looks good, but doesn't serve a follow-up purpose is just creating waste. 

I used to keep my nicer watches in socks, in my sock drawer to keep them safe. That's where the idea for the watch sock came from. It's just a very simple, lightweight watch or strap pouch. It doesn't provide protection. It's not suitable as a travel pouch, it's just a watch sock. 

When you order more than one strap, you get a free watch sock handmade by Mrs Barks.

I hope you like them.




  • Just received my first Nato from Adrian. It’s a thing of beauty. Soft, expensive looking seatbelt and superb hardware. If you are reading and undecided, just pull the trigger. These are the real thing!
    Furthermore, next day delivery and a watch sock. I’m purchasing more.

    Many thanks Adrian and wife. First class.

    D Brock
  • Anybody thinking about purchasing just go ahead and do it, you won’t be dissapointed. The attention to detail and the love is so obvious to see.

    Thanks Adrian

    Ashley Edwards
  • If you thought the pictures looked pretty neat… then wait till you see the straps on your own watch. The quality and the feel of these Nato’s is just impressive. Also, the handwritten tag is a small but noteworthy detail. I am certainly going to buy more straps in the future.

    btw a leather strap or Nato would be brilliant :)

    Phillip de Groot
  • Is there a time frame on getting all your colors available? I would really like to order 1 of each.

    Robert Duong
  • What’s going on!! Wax sealed envelope, hand written tag from Adrian. Never have I felt so special receiving a new watch strap. The strap itself it surely as luxurious and classy as a NATO can possibly get. Do yourself a favour and get one.
    Thanks Adrian

    Scott Duncan

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