The Blackout Nato

When thinking about names for our products, I decided we weren't going to have names. They can often sound like pretentious marketing BS, pretty much the complete opposite of what I want Bark & Jack to be. 

If we're selling a Broom, we will call it a Broom, not the Trigger 5000. That's why our blue nato straps are called Blue nato straps.

Anyway, 3 months into I'm breaking that rule, I couldn't help it.

This new NATO strap is black seat belt nylon with black PVD coated stainless steel hardware. Black on black. I had to name it after my grail watch, the Rolex Explorer "Blackout" dial. The Blackout Explorer is a normal 14270, with the only difference being it has black paint in the numerals rather than white. These Blackout Explorers were only produced in 1991, so they are rare as hell and like all rare Rolexes, they carry a heavy premium. They usually cost 4-5 times that of a normal Rolex Explorer 14270.

We don't have many of the Blackout straps, not because we're trying to be HODINKEE and do limited editions, but because we aren't HODINKEE and have limited funds.

We hope you like the Blackout NATO and have a great weekend.



  • Promised I wouldn’t buy another nato but this one got me. I really hope to see this one in 18mm in the future. My 20mm watches get a lot more public praise on 18mm bands, lug gap and all go figure.

  • This is the first all-black PVD coated hardware strap to really catch my eye.

  • I’ve got a speedy 150-003 Ed white… takes a 19mm strap. Can you produce 19mm ? I’d love to have a blackout nato for it



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