NATO Straps have finally arrived!

Hi guys,

I've been working on creating a NATO strap for nearly a year now. My idea was originally to create the strongest NATO strap, but I soon learnt strong nylon is really uncomfortable and strong buckles are ugly. 

So I decided to create the "nicest" NATO strap. We all have our own opinions of what "nice' means, but for me, I wanted a strap that:

  • felt great, soft but strong nylon
  • a slim, but strong buckle with a solid buckle pin. Most NATO straps have a buckle pin made of thin bent steel. There something really satisfying about a solid buckle pin that's milled from a small block of steel.
  • of course, it needs to look the dog's balls!

After a lot of testing and exploring, I finally feel really happy with what we have to offer. And in all honesty, I wouldn't put the Bark and Jack logo on it if I wasn't confident about it.

I'm not going to make some out there comment like "these are the best straps in the world". I simply can't back that up, I haven't tried every strap in the world. But these straps really do kick ass, if I may say so myself. 



  • Hi Adrian,
    Can you let us know when you’ll be restocking, they certainly seem to be popular.

  • Hi Adrian,

    When will you re-stock your 20mm NATOs (hopefully with even more colour varieties :-) ). Can’t wait to own some. Cheers!

    Walden H. Beatty
  • Hi Adrian, I watch your channel and truly enjoy it. When will you have 22mm straps available?

    Thanks, Mitch

    Mitch Grimes
  • Hi Adrian,

    First off, good luck with this new venture.

    Nice to see some well made NATOs in some “new” hues, especially the grey and green versions. Really looking forward to seeing your leather NATOs.

    All the best,


    Phil Rosa-Leeke (AKA PortugalCarp)
  • I just received my black and gray B&J natos and I love them! Shipping from London to California took 1 week. The material is slightly thicker than wristcady, or blu shark, and it’s of a significantly higher quality. They feel silky smooth but are very strong and don’t appear to stretch easily. The clasp and keepers are easily my favorite of any other nato. They are solid without being cumbersome and I love that the keepers/rings are flat. Everything has a very nice brushed finish.

    Overall these are easily the best natos I have had in my hands and on my wrist.

    Thank you very much Adrian, and if you offer a burgundy color in the future I will order one immediately. I have aspirations of one day owning an Explorer 1, or a white Oyster perpetual, and I think both would be nicely complimented by a burgundy strap.


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