NATO Straps have finally arrived!

Hi guys,

I've been working on creating a NATO strap for nearly a year now. My idea was originally to create the strongest NATO strap, but I soon learnt strong nylon is really uncomfortable and strong buckles are ugly. 

So I decided to create the "nicest" NATO strap. We all have our own opinions of what "nice' means, but for me, I wanted a strap that:

  • felt great, soft but strong nylon
  • a slim, but strong buckle with a solid buckle pin. Most NATO straps have a buckle pin made of thin bent steel. There something really satisfying about a solid buckle pin that's milled from a small block of steel.
  • of course, it needs to look the dog's balls!

After a lot of testing and exploring, I finally feel really happy with what we have to offer. And in all honesty, I wouldn't put the Bark and Jack logo on it if I wasn't confident about it.

I'm not going to make some out there comment like "these are the best straps in the world". I simply can't back that up, I haven't tried every strap in the world. But these straps really do kick ass, if I may say so myself. 



  • Hi Adrian,
    Just got my new straps, and the tan looks awesome with the bronze bezel and lume on my Oris diver 65.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Adrian
    I received my strap for my Black Bay today and am delighted. I just need an Explorer 1 to go with it and I’ll be made up ! Best of luck with this venture.

  • Love the content Adrian, keep it up.
    And please let me know when the NATOs come back in!


    John Bowlerwell
  • Softest seatbelt nylon nato I own and I have blushark, toxic nato and a omega, and it’s the cheapest and the quality is brilliant,
    Well done

  • Adrian – would be cool if you could let us know when you will restock. I am particularly interested in 22mm NATO´s for my black bay. I´ve been searching for a while and these seem to be fantastic. Thanks!


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